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Ben Pakulski's MI40 Review

Ben Pakalski’s MI40 (Mass Intentions 40) is touted as the hardest muscle growth program that has ever been made. The program is specially designed to achieve the biggest and hardest muscle gains your body can take. In this review, we’ll discuss the details of the program and whether it suits your needs and hopefully, you’ll be able to make an educated decision when you’re done reading through the review.

What is MI40?
MI40 is a specially designed training manual aimed at building big, hard muscles in a period of 40 days. Predictably, it is an intensive training manual that will show you the best ways to exercise for muscle growth and why they are the best ways to exercise for muscle growth. In fact, MI40 is believed to be the number one training manual for bodybuilders. The program has been used by hundreds of bodybuilders all over the world, notably those who take part in bodybuilding contests.

If you’re looking for maximum muscle growth, this is absolutely the only program that will give you that. As Ben rightly puts it, you will hardly find any other muscle building program out there that is as hard and effective as MI40, and it is certainly not for those who are looking for a quick fix or those that are looking to add a few pounds of muscle mass.

Again, as Ben correctly points out, the exercises in this manual plus the 40-day duration were designed to scare off the faint-hearted and cowards. If you correctly follow this program for the entire 40 days, your physique will be completely changed. You will achieve maximum muscle growth over the shortest time possible. Precisely, it is quality over quantity with this program, and the secret to succeeding with the exercise routines in this program is diligently following the 40-day rotation. There is a good reason behind each of the 40 days, so you have to stick through each one of them.

Ben Pakulski scammer?
One of the main reasons why people fail with bodybuilding programs is that they do not perform the exercises in the proper way that they ought to be done. Fortunately, this is something that Ben is very aware of and he aptly addresses it in this program. Ben goes to great lengths to teach users how to correctly perform the exercises before they can move on to advanced techniques.

About Ben Pakulski
Ben Pakulski claims to be a normal guy just like you who grew up in a family dogged by overweight and obesity problems. But unlike his family, Ben was small right from childhood and it is this reason that pushed him to gain interest in muscle building and getting big.

As Ben’s passion for bodybuilding grew, he read more and more about the body and how muscles grow, right until his university years. It is through all the knowledge he had gathered that Ben was able to create this amazing bodybuilding system, and it is recommended to everyone that wants serious muscle growth.

The Technique Behind MI40
The premise of the MI40 program is the ‘magic number’ 40 that entails 40 exercises, 40 second sets, 40 days, and 40 rest periods. This system is carefully designed to be very effective because it considers every single factor that is necessary for muscle growth. Interestingly, the majority of athletes and trainers have no clue about these factors that include the following:

The ideal amount of time that muscle must be subjected to stress to achieve optimal growth ranges from 40 to 70 seconds.

Another variable that influences rapid muscle growth is the overloading of the nervous system. When muscle is stressed and contracts, the nervous system send a signal to the brain to command the muscle to contract. If the stress subjected to the muscle is strong, the brain will command more muscle to contract. But when you keep stressing the muscles, they become fatigued and stop contracting. However, if this process is repeated, the muscles will adapt and grow in a short time.

Also, the range of motion that a muscle moves is crucial for its growth. To exploit muscle growth to the fullest, this range of motion must be optimized, and so this range must be known and how the muscle should be moved. This program contains video illustrations of how to optimize the range of motion for different exercises.

Increasing torque in the muscles is also important for their growth. When there’s more tension in the muscle, it will grow faster because muscles use tension to communicate. So when torque is increased in the muscles, there is increased tension, thus muscle growth.

The MI40 system takes full charge of all these factors that are responsible for rapid muscle growth. The reason most programs don’t work is that they lock out users into a routine of doing the same thing over and over again, and this naturally reduces the intensity. With the MI40, the variables are constantly altered so that the body keeps adapting and growing bigger.

What’s The Secret Behind The ‘Magic Number’ 40?
This program is designed to last 40 days and, understandably, most users question the importance of the number 40. Well, according to scientific research, it’s been proven that 40 days is the ideal period of time that the body takes to adapt to a particular set of exercise routines before advancing to the next set.

In particular, a 2006 study conducted by Viiru concluded that within 40 days, the body would have reached the highest point at which it can adapt neurologically and muscularly. Although continuing with the same program wouldn’t necessarily lead to negative effects, it is better to change to another set of techniques.

As for the 40 exercises chosen for this program, the author asserts that they are the most ideal for muscle growth of each body part. Ben Pakulski’s years of research and training have yielded the conclusion that these exercises are the best to mobilize as many muscle fibers as possible to lead to bigger muscle gains.

For the 40 seconds that a set lasts, the explanation is that it has been scientifically proven that the optimum time for muscle to remain under tension is 40 seconds.

This is, without a doubt, "MI40" is the most effective training manual for bodybuilders!

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